Grab a $2,650 Venom seat playing speedy Cyclones

Americas Cardroom (ACR) is hosting in just a few weeks its next Venom tournament with $6 million guaranteed, and to think that the big winner will keep $1 million alone, the event is definitely getting attention from everywhere. To have a chance at playing this event, you have several ways to get in, being the simplest one which is to pay the buy-in with cash. Another option for the players that don’t have this possibility is to choose from Regular and Mega Satellites, Step Tourneys and Skip Tourneys that ACR has placed on the line. A new option is becoming more popular and it’s happening fast. Welcome to Cyclones.

The first Cyclones are about to start, and it doesn’t matter if you prefer a PC or the mobile version, it will be available for both platforms. These tournaments are slightly different, and they run as Blitz satellites, but even faster. There are 7 steps available that you can choose from, for as little as 25 cents, and you can enter whichever one you want. During the game, at the moment you accumulate 5000 chips you will be moved up to the next level automatically. In the final step, if you complete all seven steps, you will get rewarded with the $2,650 Venom seat!

Looking straight at the Cyclones, they have some interesting features including the option to leave the game at any point with the option to come back to your exact chip stack. On top of that, if you are lucky to finish the table on your last hand with over 5500 chips, you will be moved to the next level right away with 5000 chips. The other 500 chips will be used to re-seat you on the same step you are playing. In the end, you will have unlimited opportunities to win more than one Venom seat using a single Cyclone entry.

Go to Americas Cardroom for further details on the Cyclones and the $6 million Venom. 

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