Americas Cardroom just wrapped up their $6 Million Venom but there’s more to come

If you like online poker even a little, you’ve probably noticed that 2019 has been a great year for gaming, especially at Americas Cardroom.  The US-facing poker site pulled off the unthinkable with their $5 Million Venom tournament in July.  In case you missed it, the first-place prize was a whopping $1,050,559.50.  That just so happens to be the largest online poker jackpot ever awarded.

What’s even more impressive is that Americas Cardroom raised the stakes with a $6 Million Venom tournament, which just wrapped up. 2696 players logged on to compete for the $6,740,000 final prize pool.  Online poker player galodoido13 prevailed to win $1,039,982.

If you’re just hearing about the Venom now, we’re a little bit shocked.  It’s garnered a lot of press for all the obvious reasons.  And speaking of press, the poker world is already buzzing about the next Venom.  You see, Americas Cardroom has just committed to hosting a big Venom tournament every six months.  The next one gets underway in June 2020, which is closer than you might think.

The Venom offers more than a colossal prize pool and seven-figure payday.  It’s also highly innovative.  If you’ve never played in a Venom tournament, you’ll love the multiday tournament, which features several Day 1 options.  There are always lots of ways to enter, too.  Buy in directly for $2,650 or win your spot in the tournament for pennies by taking advantage of satellites, step tournaments, and cyclones.

It’s not too early to start thinking about the next Venom.  Don’t forget to use signup bonu$ code: Poker247 when registering your new account!

ACR’s $12 Million Online Super Series in home stretch

We’ve now reached December which means soon you will be giving lots of presents and hopefully opening a few of your own! With so many exciting things on tap, we don’t want you to forget about the great remaining action this year at US-facing Americas Cardroom.

Their Online Super Series (OSS) started November 20th and will conclude on Sunday, December 15th. If you don’t know, this is their flagship series that is designed for all players, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran.

The OSS has $12 Million in guaranteed prize pools over 151 tourneys. And satellites are available for all major events.

Even better news is that the two biggest OSS tourneys are still to come. They are the $1 Million guaranteed Main Events. Here’s the schedule:

·       $1 Million GTD Main Event on Sunday, December 8th at 3pm ET ($540 buy-in).

·       $1 Million GTD Main Event on Sunday, December 15th at 3pm ET ($215 buy-in).

You should pay special attention to the second of the $1 Million Main Events listed. That’s because it has 13 Day 1 options that feed players to Day 2 on Sunday, December 15th. Head to Americas Cardroom now to see all the remaining Day 1 options and then choose one (or more).  

Even the Grinch himself is upbeat about the Online Super Series! For all the details, click here.

Grab a $2,650 Venom seat playing speedy Cyclones

Americas Cardroom (ACR) is hosting in just a few weeks its next Venom tournament with $6 million guaranteed, and to think that the big winner will keep $1 million alone, the event is definitely getting attention from everywhere. To have a chance at playing this event, you have several ways to get in, being the simplest one which is to pay the buy-in with cash. Another option for the players that don’t have this possibility is to choose from Regular and Mega Satellites, Step Tourneys and Skip Tourneys that ACR has placed on the line. A new option is becoming more popular and it’s happening fast. Welcome to Cyclones.

The first Cyclones are about to start, and it doesn’t matter if you prefer a PC or the mobile version, it will be available for both platforms. These tournaments are slightly different, and they run as Blitz satellites, but even faster. There are 7 steps available that you can choose from, for as little as 25 cents, and you can enter whichever one you want. During the game, at the moment you accumulate 5000 chips you will be moved up to the next level automatically. In the final step, if you complete all seven steps, you will get rewarded with the $2,650 Venom seat!

Looking straight at the Cyclones, they have some interesting features including the option to leave the game at any point with the option to come back to your exact chip stack. On top of that, if you are lucky to finish the table on your last hand with over 5500 chips, you will be moved to the next level right away with 5000 chips. The other 500 chips will be used to re-seat you on the same step you are playing. In the end, you will have unlimited opportunities to win more than one Venom seat using a single Cyclone entry.

Go to Americas Cardroom for further details on the Cyclones and the $6 million Venom. 

Americas Cardroom’s $6 Million Venom tourney has almost arrived

Not long after the success of Americas Cardroom’s (ACR) $5 Million Venom, which finished with a giant $6,382,500 prize pool, the US-facing poker site is about to make history again. The $6 Million Venom is going to be the biggest tourney ever held by any US-facing poker site and the winner is guaranteed a massive ONE MILLION DOLLAR payday, just like in the $5 Million Venom.

The Venom has four separate Day 1’s for plenty of chances, with players advancing to Day 2. It will all end on Wednesday, December 11th, in what will be one of the biggest and best days in online poker history.

You can buy your seat directly for $2,650, or you can choose to do what many ACR fans have already done – qualify at a fraction of that amount via ACR’s Step Tournaments, Skip Tournaments, Regular Satellites, Mega Satellites and Cyclones.

Step Tournaments start at $0 so you can literally pick up your $2,650 Venom seat for free. Cyclones are a brand-new option that start soon, so check out the website and see how they work.

Also, don’t forget about the Online Super Series (OSS) that’s running through December 15th. There is $12 Million in guaranteed cash up for grabs, including the prize pool at Venom, the Featured Event. There are also two separate $1,000,000 GTD tourneys, one of which has a massive 13 Day 1 options.

Visit Americas Cardroom for all the details on the Online Super Series and $6 Million Venom.

ACR’s $12 Million OSS and $6 Million Venom a perfect combo

We have seen Americas Cardroom (ACR) with so many accomplishments this year and it’s not over yet. Their Online Super Series (OSS) returns from November 20th to December 15th. That is 26 days of poker action and $12 Million in guarantees across 151 tournaments.

From the professionals to the beginners, the OSS has something for everyone. There are several types of games such as NLH, PLO, and PLO8 and diverse structures from regular to hyper-turbo.

The OSS usually has one $1 Million guaranteed tourney, but this time there’s two. The first is a $540 buy-in on Sunday, December 8th at 3pm ET. The second has a $215 buy-in. This tourney will have 13 Day 1 options starting November 20th and the players who advance will battle it out on Sunday, December 15th at 3pm ET.

The featured event of the OSS is the $6 Million Venom that begins on Wednesday, November 27th. It has a buy-in of $2,650, which is pretty steep for most players. However, you can qualify for a fraction of the cost via Step Tournaments, Skip Tournaments, Regular Satellites, Mega Satellites, and Cyclones.

Cyclones are fast-moving satellites that come in a blitz format and they start November 14th. Enter any of the seven steps (start at 25 cents) and move up each step when you get 5,000 chips. Beat Step 7 and you will get a $2,650 Venom seat.

Visit Americas Cardroom for all the details on the Online Super Series and $6 Million Venom.

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